Sebi to discuss market norms in Board meet

During the forthcoming board meeting scheduled for December 20, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) is poised to engage in a comprehensive discussion encompassing various market regulations. A focal point of this discussion will be the examination of norms governing share buybacks, a subject that gained prominence with Sebi’s solicitation of public comments on a consultation paper last month.

The paper, based on the recommendations of the committee chaired by Keki Mistry, contemplates significant changes to the existing regulations. Notable proposals include an augmentation of the permissible size of buybacks from the current 25% to 40% of a company’s paid-up capital and free reserves, facilitated through a tender offer route. The paper also advocates for a reduction in the cooling-off period between successive buybacks.

In addition to these deliberations, the board meeting is expected to address regulations aimed at bolstering the governance framework of market infrastructure institutions (MIIs). These measures underscore Sebi’s commitment to ensuring the efficiency, integrity, and transparency of India’s financial markets.

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